Guest Bookseller

Winter is here and we are thinking of engaging and exciting ways to keep people reading! So many amazing books are coming out this winter so of course we will be featuring the most anticipated books of 2016...

     We also thought it would be fun to feature a "Guest Bookseller" shelf, where we would feature the favorite books (old and new) of friends of the book store. The "Guest Bookseller" picks  between 10 and 20 books and they "hand sell" them. 

     I've had a blast hearing from some of my favorite writers and readers about what books have inspired them. I've started looking at some of their writing in a new light now knowing the books they have loved. I'm honored to say that since the start of our Guest Bookseller Feature several writers and readers have contacted me asking to participate (Don't miss Susan Scarf Merrell author of SHIRLEY and Jessica Soffer author of TOMORROW THERE WILL BE APRICOTS handselling on April 20th in the store... I've been told there will be wine!) 

   Want to take a crack at bookselling? Send us your own #shelftalkers and we will feature them on our shelves!