What was the most memorable client gift you ever got? We know it wasn't the Fruit Basket. Chocolates? We love Chocolate Covered Strawberries  as much as the next sweet tooth but the truth is, fruit goes bad after a few days. Wine? Unless you open it right away, it will end up gathering dust on some shelf and by the time it's uncorked, no one even remembers where it came from! Books. Say it together now, a-ha! Books. 

Books have a shelf life of, well, forever. They are truly the gift that keeps on giving.  Giving a book shows great care on your part. Like Kathleen Kelly says in the bookstore classic You've Got Mail, "a book becomes a part of your identity". We have several  corporate clients who send books regularly and we are always happy to hear that they inevitably hear from their clients soon after the packages arrive raving about the selection and complimenting the sender on their thoughtfulness.The best part of all, every time your client picks up their book they will think of you. 

Let's face it, you're busy and we're here to make your life easier. We will... 

  • Customize gifts that are designed with  your needs and your budget in mind
  • Curate our selections based on your customers' or clients' interests. We can select one book, two books or we can go through a list of your selections, one by one and make suggestions
  • Full packages, featuring Books and Bookish goodies, non-bookish gifts from our selection of local vendors
  • Distinctive gift-wrapping and delivery — have you seen a classic cards? We will even write the note for you!
  • Customized Book Plates