Harbor Books is committed to igniting children’s love of reading and our Book Fairs are a reflection of that commitment. We believe that “When you read a book as a child, it becomes part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does” (Yes, I just quoted You’ve Got Mail, oh, the wisdom Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks)

         Harbor Books selections are carefully curated, melding imagination, innovation and the excitement. With our Book Fairs, we take the enchantment of our “Land’s Beyond” on the road right to your school! We bring to you something for everyone, from beginners to big kids; we will help everyone to join in the fun and find a great book.

         Perhaps the most special part of our Book Fair package is our Story Time, repeated throughout the day with books thoughtfully selected for each scheduled class. Our children's section, "The Land's Beyond" and our Story Times are built around the wonderful book READING TOGETHER by Diane Frankenstein. In READING TOGETHER, Diane gives ways to help children find what to read and then, through conversation, show them how to find meaning and pleasure in their reading. Let there be no doubt: children who get more from the books they read are children who love to read. Diane’s reading tips and conversation starters can be used with any book, and our booksellers have all been specially trained by Diane to share that gift with your young readers.

         Harbor Books is your hometown book store, we are the “bookstore around the corner” and because of that we have a the unique knowledge to specially customize our Book Fairs to your school’s needs. We know the right books are important to your school and we understand the value of the dollars earned during the Book Fair. We offer several options and packages, so together we can figure out how we can best work together.

         I look forward to discussing with you the possibility of sharing with your school and your readers the love and passion for books that led me to Harbor Books! Please contact me directly at 631.539.1791 or by email at Taylor@harborbookssgh.com.

Happy Reading,  

Taylor Rose