Harbor Books Lifestyle is a concierge  service in which we customize a collection of specially selected books just for your needs. If you have just finished building your new home and need to fill your shelves, if you are a grandparent excited to share your favorite children's classics with your new grand-baby, a collector who wants your shelves bursting with first editions, or a designer looking to install a library to complete a room.

We are passionate about books and building personal libraries happens to be one of our favorite things to do. Not only do we have special relationship with the largest  known publishing houses but we also have access to many of the lesser-known houses and several specialty dealers, that way we know the latest and greatest selections available. With this wealth of knowledge we can make your dream a reality. 

The sky (or the tip-top of the bookself) is the limit!

  • All of the best beach reads or books to cozy up with next to fire for your vacation home
  • Nautical books for your boat
  • Children's Classics and Literacy Expert, Diane Frankenstein's 101 List
  • Eclectic art and photography books for every room of the house
  • 80' of books in shades of blue
  • The latest Best-Sellers for your hotel lobby
  • Cookbooks for your kitchen 
  • Readers Resume Books to Read In A Lifetime for your college student
  • History of Rock n Roll books for your recording studio or music room
  • Mini Shelves, Gift Book Baskets, Corporate Gifts

In addition to Corporate Gifts and Curated Libraries we offer Personal Gift Service. We will supply Book Party Favors for any event you host. A dinner party for 12 or a Party for 300! For more intimate events we can select individual gifts for every guest. 

From personal to professional libraries, a one time installation or a lifetime of concierge bookselling... remember, Cicero said " A room without a book is like a body without a soul". Email Taylor at Taylor@harborbookssgh.com or call 631. 808.3401