Not just an "employee", "bookseller" or "volunteer". We do not merely catalog books, organize periodicals and manage resources. We are the gateway into the mind of the idea of the people who come to our shop to find or fuel a spark...

Part W I Z A R D

Part G E N I U S

Part E X P L O R E R

It is our calling to trespass into the unknown and come back with a concrete piece someone can hold onto, turn over and use to fuel their mind and soul. 



Taylor Rose Berry

Taylor Rose Berry was born in Babylon Village. She began her love affair with books at a young age, as the only child of two avid readers. For practical reasons, she got into the restaurant industry and worked her way up from busser to general manager. For less practical reasons, Taylor studied everything from Child Psychology to Fashion Design at various institutions including UVM, NYU, and FIT. She decided to move back to the thing she loved most, books, when she moved to Sag Harbor and began working in a local bookstore. She now owns Harbor Books in Sag Harbor.

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Charlotte W. 

Dreamer by day, potato farmer by night. Inclined towards listening to the same song for days straight and ruining it for everyone around her. Charlotte is a recent graduate from the University of San Francisco with a degree in literature and creative writing and a minor in music. Butterfly clips, fun sunnies and loud music are a lifestyle, along with small venue concerts, good books and being dramatic. She loves music and writes her own on the side, though a career as a poet and fiction writers is her main goal. Eventually she would like to pursue her studies in order to become a university professor of creative writing. 

Chris A. 

Yes, Chris is an emoji and hates writing bios but... He has dedicated most of his life to books and bookselling.  After stints in wholesale and publishing, he returned to his true passion, standing on a bookstore floor, talking and putting books in readers’ hands.

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Abby H. 

Abby  was born and raised in East Hampton, NY. She has a deep love for the ocean and her favorite place to read is at the beach, accompanied with either an iced coffee or a soft serve ice cream cone. She has always had a passion for reading for as long as she can remember, and one of her favorite hobbies as a kid was creating stories and making her own books. Her love of the arts led her to Purchase College, where she received her BA in Arts Management and a minor in Art History. 

Harbor Books is Hiring

At Harbor Books, we believe that reading enriches lives, families, and communities. To us, books are cultural treasures to be kept in trust by those that recognize the value that they hold. We offer something non-essential in a completely essential way. It is not just about the product, but about the experience. Our store is designed so readers can pass hours. We don’t editorialize our selection; we thoughtfully curate it so everyone can find exactly what he or she is looking for. Our staff are all extremely passionate about books, not only do they love reading, but they really know what they are talking about! They are always ready to find the book you came in looking for or ready to recommend the book you didn’t know you would enjoy.

Interested? Keep reading... This is what we are looking for:

Essential Functions:
•Provide world-class customer service by delivering the four core service principles: put the book in the customer's hand, offer to order, offer the Member program, and fast cashiering.
•Greet and establish rapport with customers, engaging them in conversations about all our products and services.
•Ask questions to identify customer needs, providing recommendations using your product knowledge to connect our customer with the right solutions.
•Share technical knowledge and enthusiasm about all our products and services, providing a personalized experience to multiple customers at the same time.
•Respond to customer's concerns and questions, and wrap up the sale.
•Communicate specific product needs to managers to ensure your store is stocked appropriately with in demand titles and customer requests.
•Ensure that products are put on the selling floor when received, identifying, organizing, shelving, and zoning
•Recover the selling floor during each shift, including but not necessarily limited to gathering and picking up items, straightening bookcases, helping to maintain restroom cleanliness, and performing other store housekeeping tasks as required.
•Assist in any area of the store when necessary; including but not limited to receiving, cashwrap, and specialty areas.
•Protect company assets by adhering to all inventory and loss prevention standards, properly completing weekly cycle counts and inventories.
•Help orient new booksellers, ensuring a smooth acclimation to the store and our bookselling culture.
•Act with integrity and trust, promoting our bookselling culture and core values.

•As a bookseller, you sell, sharing your technical and product knowledge with customers and other booksellers, contributing to the overall success of your store.
•You relate easily to others, building rapport and collaborative relationships with the store team and customers.
•You are able to speak with all customers, are a good listener and enjoy working with people.
•You are comfortable in a changing environment, with multitasking, and with learning new systems and processes.
•You comply at all times with the Standards, Policies, and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics set out in the Bookseller Handbook.
•You spend the majority of your time on the selling floor, which requires physical activity, including maneuvering around the store, prolonged standing, repetitive bending, climbing, and lifting.
•Our stores are open daily, which requires early morning, evening, weekend, and holiday availability.
•You should be capable of using a computer and cash register.

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